Boating licenses

From the coastal license, ideal for novice yachtsmen, to the offshore license that opens the door to the high seas, our instructors will guide you every step of the way to obtaining your license.

Boating licenses

Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced sailor looking to hone your skills, our training programme has been designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to sail safely, while complying with maritime regulations.

Coastal license

It allows its holder to navigate at sea within a maximum distance of 6 miles (11 km) of a shelter, i.e. a place of refuge such as a port or cove. It is primarily intended for pleasure and leisure boating on coastal waters, such as sea coasts, lakes, rivers and estuaries.

It is also essential for driving jet skis and jet skis with engines over 50 HP.

The theory test, validated by the Maritime Affairs, takes the form of an electronic MCQ (test date according to your availability on the online post office website). Your instructor will validate your practical experience directly in your logbook as the training progresses.

Price 382.5€ *. It includes :

  • Theoretical training : personalised, unlimited access (for 6 months) to our e-learning platform to prepare you for the test. You can work at your own pace from home, and our trainer will monitor your progress remotely.
  • Practical training: 3-hour group session in the classroom + 3 hours of piloting on our motorboats
  • Exam
  • An educational toolkit with learning booklet included.

* excluding tax stamps and event registration fees.

Offshore licence

It extends the possibilities of the coastal licence by authorising navigation beyond the 6 nautical mile limit.
This boating license opens up new horizons for you, as well as navigation on the high seas. Not particularly difficult, it requires concentration and regularity to master the basics of cartography and know how to find your way around wherever you are at sea, and be able to navigate in all circumstances.

Price 222.5€ *. It includes :

  • Theoretical training: personalized, unlimited access to our e-learning platform
  • Practical training: 2-hour individual classroom session
  • Exam
  • An educational toolkit with learning booklet included.

* excluding tax stamps

River Extension

The river extension of the coastal license authorises its holder to navigate on inland waterways, such as rivers, canals and lakes, aboard pleasure craft or small boats.

Price 107€. It includes :

  • Theoretical training: personalised, unlimited access to our e-learning platform
  • Exam

Registration and information:

  • Ports du pays de Lorient | 02 97 65 48 25 –
  • Center nautique de Kerguelen | 02 97 33 77 78 –

Prerequisites: French nationals aged 16 or over.