Learning and perfecting navigation

Learn, improve, become more independent... Port teams offer navigation training

Boating licenses

From the coastal license, ideal for novice yachtsmen, to the offshore license that opens the door to the high seas, our instructors will guide you every step of the way to obtaining your license.

Boating coaching

Would you like to improve your skills in a particular area of boating, be it manoeuvring, safety, maintenance or life on board?
Our instructors are there to guide you, whether you’re navigating a sailboat or a motorboat, to help you turn your navigation plans into reality.

Liveaboard sailing course

Embark as a crew member aboard some remarkable yachts! A flotilla of two 21m monohulls. and a 19.50m monohull designed for offshore sailing. Discover the sailing calendar for coastal, midshore and offshore courses.