Why worry about biodiversity

A marina has a diverse range of features: riprap, berths, cases, chains... every corner is put to use.

This variety of habitats promotes the installation, growth and reproduction of marine flora and fauna. It is a sheltered zone that, isolated from weather constraints, offers calm waters and relatively constant temperatures, conducive to life.

Biodiversity in the marina

An exemplary environmental policy

The 6 marinas in Lorient have the main objective being the sustainable improvement of environmental performances.

The initiative adopted by the ports in the region of Lorient constitutes a long-term project to preserve and improve the environment.  The environmental policy is not a static process but the beginning of a human adventure working towards sustainable development.

The environmental policy

Our objectives

Sellor marinas are committed to comply with all environmental regulations applicable to its activities.

We want to position ourselves as conductor and innovator on environmental issues by establishing ourselves as standard setters in the Lorient roadstead.

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Best practices

Sellor is engaged in many activities to promote sustainable development. This environmental policy is an acceptance of the responsibility that engages all the users of the marina facilities, from the amateur yachtsman to the professional. You too can support this initiative by helping us with your daily actions and respecting the habitants living under our pontoons!

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