What are our objectives?

Sellor marinas are committed, through the ISO 14001 certification, to comply with all environmental regulations applicable to its activities. We want to position ourselves as conductor and innovator on environmental issues by establishing ourselves as standard setters in the Lorient roadstead.
Rade de Lorient


The objectives set out in environmental policy require investments. Investment helps equip the marinas, promoting water and energy savings.


  • Limit the consumption of drinking water: Installation of XX pressure reducers, implementation of remote meter reading to identify possible leaks or excessive consumption, cleaning pontoons with seawater...

> Economy of 1,400 m3 of water a year, or 2.5 times the capacity of the municipal swimming pool in Lorient.

  • Monitor the quality of discharged water: careening zones in Lorient and Port-Louis have been equipped with a treatment plant.

> The aim of treating careening water is to remove impurities in order to preserve the quality of the natural environment in which they are rejected.

  • Control energy consumption: replacement of halogen bulbs with LED’s used for lighting the pontoons.

> In 2013, fifteen 300W halogen projectors were replaced with 40W LED spotlights (equivalent to 200W) in Kernével marina. This represents a saving of 12,800kwh, the average power consumption of three two-people 75m² flats.

  • Promote waste sorting and reducing the volumes collected: improve sorting points in dry dock areas and Kernével marina.

> In 2013, 60% of the collected waste was recycled into energy and 40% was recycled for other purposes (plastic packaging, used oils, WEEE, batteries).

  • Preserve and promote biodiversity in the marina


  • Prevent environmental risks: staff training and acquisition of anti-pollution equipment (floating barrage, hydrocarbon absorbent sheets, pumps...)
  • Enhance the areas surrounding the marina 
  • Accompany the environmental management of events
  • Firmly establish an environmental culture in the behaviour and working methods of actors in the nautical sector