An exemplary environmental policy

The 6 marinas in Lorient have the main objective being the sustainable improvement of environmental performances. The initiative adopted by the ports in the region of Lorient constitutes a long-term project to preserve and improve the environment. The environmental policy is not a static process but the beginning of a human adventure working towards sustainable development.
Coquille St-Jacques

This environmental policy is an acceptance of the responsibility that engages all users of the port facilities, from the amateur yachtsman to the professional. Sellor is engaged in many activities to promote sustainable development.

Act sustainably in the marinas

The consideration of sustainable development in port management has become a major issue: the aim is to reconcile the economic and touristic activities induced by the marinas while preserving the natural environment in which these activities take place. Set in the heart of a fragile environment that must be preserved at all costs, marinas must be able to face the environmental challenge and durably guarantee the sustainability of their activities. They must also set an example, encouraging all nautical actors to respect and preserve the natural environment.

The men and women working for the environment

The environmental policy applies to those environmental aspects that the marina can control and over which it may have an influence. It's based on training, management and the principle of continuously improving environmental performance. Every member of staff plays a role in sustainable development. Developing expertise through team training programs means every individual is involved in enhancing environmental performance. The environmental policy is therefore a source for in-house knowledge development. Staff training, supplemented by regular exercises and tests, provides active responsiveness, especially in emergency situations (fire, fight against pollution...).

Our firm commitments

Sellor marinas are committed to comply with all environmental regulations applicable to its activities. Implicated via the environmental policy, the six Sellor marinas have set themselves ambitious goals:

  • Limit the consumption of drinking water:
  • Monitor the quality of discharged water;
  • Control energy consumption;
  • Encourage waste sorting and reduce the volumes collected;
  • Preserve and promote biodiversity in the marina;
  • Prevent environmental risks;
  • Enhance the surrounding areas;
  • Accompany the environmental management of events;
  • Firmly establish an environmental culture in the behaviour and working methods of actors in the nautical sector.

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