Best practices

Sellor is engaged in many activities to promote sustainable development. This environmental policy is an acceptance of the responsibility that engages all the users of the marina facilities, from the amateur yachtsman to the professional. You too can support this initiative by helping us with your daily actions and respecting the inhabitants living under our pontoons!

The continuous improvement of our environmental performance

The teams in our marinas are eager to hear any suggestions, opinions or advice you may have on the subject. The marinas that are clean today will keep the sea clean for tomorrow: with you, Sellor is focusing on its environmental performance.

WATER, at the heart of the challenges we face

Water, very much present on Earth and vital to the survival of all living beings, animal or vegetable, is  not a mundane liquid. Today, every individual in France uses on average 151 litres of water a day to carry out their daily chores and activities.

> Your contribution to the marina

. Drinking water is only to be used for human consumption, limit its use and rinse your boat in sea water.

. Securely close the tap after use and do not pour hazardous materials into the water.

. Use certified environmentally friendly products to reduce the negative impact on the resources and biodiversity.

The preservation of SOILS

Soil is a major reservoir of biological diversity. It naturally provides the water and nutrients essential for plant growth. Carbon storage, regulation of greenhouse gases, storage, filtration and release of water in streams and phreatic groundwater; soil lies at the heart of the balance of an ecosystem.

> Your contribution to the marina

. Careening in the zones provided for this purpose, such as the handling areas in the Lorient and Port-Louis marinas.

ENERGY, a resource to be spared

Historically, mankind has required energy. As a source of progress and economic development, it allows us to expand and diversify our activities. However, in the context of controlling global warming, everyone is well aware of the importance of energy conservation.

> Your contribution to the marina

. Limit your consumption to a strict minimum.

. Disconnect your boat when you are not on-board.

Restrict the RISK of pollution

In order that the future generations can enjoy healthy and vibrant oceans, let’s work together and take the measures needed to reduce and prevent pollution.

> Your contribution to the marina

. Avoid refilling fuel cans; go directly to the refuelling station in Kernéval marina.

. Do not stock bilge and waste water.

WASTE recycling, must be encouraged

Nearly 4 billion tons of waste is generated each year, a quarter of which comes from Europe. Certain resources are becoming scarce. Waste minimization at the source, sorting, recycling is essential.

> Your contribution to the marina

. Sort your waste and place it in the marked collection points.

LANDSCAPE integration, for everyone’s well-being

Whether in the open countryside (as in Guidel) or urban areas (such as Lorient), a marina and its infrastructures (car park...) alter the landscape. We are working on a daily basis to improve the landscape integration of port facilities and its surrounding areas, and keeping them clean.

> Your contribution to the marina

. Help us keep the marina clean